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Leanne’s story – providing respite care around the clock

For terminally ill Leanne, the 24/7 respite care services delivered by Newcastle and Hunter Community Health gave her the chance to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

Leanne enjoys her independence and getting out and about. However, spending time away from home used to be complicated. Now, thanks to the NDIS and the services of our team, Leanne can enjoy respite while still receiving the quality care she needs.

A weekend to remember – thanks to our respite care services

For many, a weekend away involves little more than packing a bag, checking in and relaxing. Leanne, however, requires regular medication to manage her illness. This is usually looked after by her Aged Care Provider.

When the opportunity to spend quality time with her sister Tara outside of her home presented itself, the pair needed to be sure Leanne’s medical needs were prioritised.

This was where NHCH Registered Nurses were able to help by delivering 24-hour active support to ensure Leanne had the level of nursing care required to manage her medications.

According to Tara, the respite care and comfort provided by our Registered Nurses (RNs) have been a welcome addition to Leanne’s support team.

“I was blown away – as was Leanne – by the love and support, and the personal touch, delivered by everyone at Newcastle and Hunter Community Health,” Tara said.

NHCH Managing Director Alison McQueen said the sisters spent a relaxing weekend in Newcastle staying in a luxury hotel overlooking the harbour. For Leanne, it was a much-needed change of scene.

“It was a privilege to help Leanne spend some quality time with her family and friends,” Alison said. “We know how important opportunities like this are to people suffering a terminal illness.”

Registered Nurse Jo, who supported the sisters over the weekend, said it was clear Leanne got a lot out of the experience.

“Leanne enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk around the harbour foreshore and sight see,” Jo said. “Staying in a hotel and using the room service made her feel important and added to the good time she had.”

Ongoing support offers a new breath of life

Since that successful weekend away, there are plans for Leanne to continue being supported by the RNs at NHCH to manage her medication during respite. Leanne said she looks forward to the time she spends with her carers.

“They are so positive and friendly, and they make me feel comfortable,” Leanne said.

“I’ve got some independence back and it’s making a huge difference mentally. I am so pleased that we gave the team at Newcastle and Hunter Community Health a go.”

Tara said she’s seen a remarkable difference in Leanne since having the respite care.

“It is fantastic for Leanne to have this support and it has given her a new lease on life.”

“They help her in so many ways – getting her out and about, offering support to help her engage in life and have activities to look forward to.”

If your loved one would benefit from the respite care and comfort provided by Newcastle and Hunter Community Health, contact us today.

NHCH is approved to provide services to NDIS and Aged Care funding recipients. In addition, we operate a fee for service model for private clients.

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