Our Staff

Newcastle and Hunter Community Health Registered Nurses provide support that fits to your personal needs, which we are aware are subject to change. The choice and control are yours, with our team here to support you at each step of the way and work out a health care plan that is most suitable.

Our care team consists of Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Assistants in Nursing and Disability Support workers. All our staff have their professional qualification as well as CRC, WWC and First Aid Certificate.

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At Newcastle and Hunter Community Health we value:

Our Staff

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Newcastle and Hunter Community Health Founder, Alison McQueen is passionate about providing a valuable contribution to the community by helping her clients live meaningful lives in their homes. 

Alison believes that a positive and united work cultures has a flow on effect to delivering quality services which empower her clients to be the best they can be in the way they choose.

She is a Registered Nurse with over 21 years of practical experience. Alison has a broad knowledge and skills base that covers the public, private, aged care, disability, and commercial sectors across national and international networks.


Geoffrey brings a wealth of knowledge with over 20 years’ experience in senior leadership roles. These have been for small to medium enterprises and in large-scale industries. 

Across his career, he has held operational, financial, human resource and project-related roles. These roles have assisted him in attaining extensive knowledge of business and risk management and compliance frameworks.

Geoffrey holds a Master of Business Administration (Human Resource) from the University of Newcastle, a Bachelor of Business (Log & SCM) from RMIT University, a Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSI), and Certificates in OHS, and Training and Assessment.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health
Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Kate has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 10 years, specialising in Critical Care Nursing. Before joining our team, she spent the last few years working in Nurse Education in both Acute, Community and Residential Aged Care environments.

As Clinical Care Manager her position is varied and dynamic. Her day consists of assisting clients with any issues they may have, supporting staff with client care, meeting with new clients, and reviewing current clients.

Kate enjoys the team dynamic that has developed within NHCH. Our staff genuinely care about the clients they care for and this is reflected in the positive feedback Kate regularly receives from both clients and their carers.

As a Registered Nurse, Kate enjoys meeting the challenges presented by community nursing and can see the impact her care has on our clients each visit.

When she’s not working, Kate can be found at home on her property with her two kids and their ducks.


Heidi’s external professional development goes hand in hand with her responsibilities at Newcastle and Hunter Community Health.

Holding previous positions at Allambi Youth Services and as a Support Worker at Australian Unity, Heidi’s experience shines through during her day-to-day activities.

Heidi provides our patients with a wide range of support types, from personal care to transport, and even just meeting the patient’s social needs.

Taking great enjoyment from getting to know the needs of her patients and helping them in any way possible, Heidi is a great asset to the NHCH team.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


As one of our Assistants in Nursing, Kelly works with clients to ensure their individual goals and met and that they are provided with care that best suits their needs.

Kelly is experienced in aged care which allows her to provide pragmatic, empathetic, and compassionate solutions for clients – especially those with specific health care requirements. 

Providing home care and being able to work with new people every day is something Kelly regards as a rewarding aspect of her role. A number one goal for Kelly on the job is to ensure that each client feels comfortable and can trust the care Newcastle and Hunter Community Health provide and be confident in their services.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health
Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Lisa is one of our Assistants in Nursing and works with various clients to help them with everyday tasks which may have become difficult. Lisa takes the time to get to know our clients’ individual preferences so she can provide exceptional care in a way they are comfortable with.

Lisa is experienced working with Aged Clients in the community. She always knew this was an area she wanted to work in as she is passionate about helping others and caring for those in need.

Lisa loves everything about working with our team. One of her favourite things about her role as an Assistant in Nursing is getting to visit different areas of Newcastle with her clients and help them to expand their social interactions in the community.

With her friendly personality, great smile and good sense of humour, Lisa is always bringing joy to both our team and our clients’ days.


With a background in Community Nursing, Aged and Disability Support, Kristy is a welcome addition to our team of Assistants in Nursing.

A typical day at work for Kristy consists of assisting her clients with domestic tasks at home, taking them out to the shops, medical appointments or recreational activities and providing social support within the community.

Kristy chose to work in the aged care and disability sector because she wanted to help people who require assistance maintain a level of independence. She said there’s no experience like seeing the joy that lights up her clients faces when they realise they’re not alone.

Outside of work, Kristy is a wife and mum of three beautiful children. On her days off she likes to get outside and spend as much time as possible with her family and their dog Gizzy.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Renee is one of Assistants in Nursing. Renee has vast experience in the Aged, Disability and Rehabilitation sector.

Renee’s history in the aged care and disability sector comes from her love of helping people. She enjoys promoting independence so people can remain in their homes as long as possible.

Renee enjoys building a trusting relationship with her NHCH clients and helps them at home with domestic tasks including cooking, cleaning, shopping, and personal care. Renee also enjoys helping her NHCH clients with social support throughout her shift and often shares a laugh with her clients because she believes laughter is the best medicine.

Outside of work, Renee is a mum of four grown children. She moved to the Hunter Region in 2019 and bought her own home and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. She loves travelling and exploring the beautiful area we all get to call home


Sharee is one of our trusted AINs and specialises in caring for people with disabilities and ageing citizens. Sharee has worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Sharee enjoys working as an AIN because she gets to consistently learn from others and help clients with their independence. She says each day comes with its own exciting and happy challenges, which she admits is a rewarding aspect of her role.

When not at work, Sharee enjoys spending time with her kids and spoiling her beautiful grandchildren.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health
Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


As an AIN, Amelia is responsible for assisting clients with their personal care plan and ensuring day-to-day activities for clients are made as easy as possible.

Amelia specialises in the care of ageing citizens and has worked in the Aged Care sector for a number of years. In her role, she enjoys being able to make a positive difference in client’s lives and helping people reach their goals for living more independently.

Meeting new people and working alongside staff that genuinely care about the needs of others is what makes Amelia happy to work with our team.

Her bubbly personality and positive approach are what helps us brighten the service we offer clients.


Jade is an experienced AIN who was looking for a more hands-on experience in the nursing sector when she joined the team to broaden her skillset while also working her way through a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Every day is different in Jade’s role, but the opportunity to make someone’s day better with quality care is her main goal and priority. Her confident personality and high engagement, makes her a great asset to our team and to the clients on her rounds.

Jade finds her background in high care Dementia and Palliative care means she has the skills to adapt to clients’ needs.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health
Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Lynn is one of our AINs and has a strong background in Aged Care and Community Services. She enjoys the challenges of each workday and providing clients with the care they need to live happily and healthily.

Her day-to-day role predominantly consists of personal care and domestic assistance, as well as social support and transportation.

In her spare time Lynn is a proud mum of three and nan to two grandkids. She also has quite the green thumb and likes to potter around and experiment in the garden.


Rebekah is an AIN with experience across Aged Care, Community Services, Hospitality, and Tourism.

She has qualifications in Individual Support and provides personal and domestic support services for clients, as well as social outings and transportation around the community.

Rebekah takes great joy in providing a helping hand to others and providing support where she can. She also enjoys being supported by our friendly staff and feeling like a valued part of the team.

When not busy at work, Rebekah is a full-time mum who also takes care of her six furry kids which include three dogs, a cat, and two guinea pigs.

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Samantha is a Registered Nurse and has had experience across medical, surgery, emergency, and operating wards/divisions, as well as providing clinical services to NHCH clients in the community.

She is responsible for clinical care to our clients including assessments, wound care, medication support and supporting the care team deliver services.

Samantha enjoys that in her role she gets to meet and interact with people of all walks of life. She says that being able to provide a helping hand to get clients through the day brings her a lot of joy.

When out of scrubs, Samantha enjoys getting out into the great outdoors and camping with her family, which is often accompanied by a good book to read. 

Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health
Registered Nurse, Our Staff, Newcastle and Hunter Community Health


Carla is one of our trusty Assistants in Nursing who specialises in the care of ageing citizens and people with disabilities.

She has qualifications in Disability, Ageing and Early Childhood Education.

Carla has worked in the disability sector for a number of years and enjoys the variety that comes each day from working with people with disabilities. She loves helping people gain independence and find their place in the community.

As much as she loves her role as an Assistant in Nursing, her proudest role to date is as an aunty to her two nieces. She is also a loving friend and partner who enjoys long drives, catch-ups over yummy meals and fishing.