Newcastle and Hunter Community Health

Achieving client satisfaction with the help of Blue Bus training

Our team, as of December 2021, have begun working with Blue Bus Training.

Blue Bus is a training organisation committed to helping companies overcome workplace challenges and build strong team cultures.

It’s no secret that the past two years have been difficult for many businesses with the ever-changing nature of COVID-19.

We’ve noticed these extra pressures, especially as our staff have navigated new safety regulations which impact our everyday operations. Essentially, organisational change has become no longer a choice but a necessity, to achieve better care for our clients and also ensure the health and safety of our workplace.

Blue Bus has helped to kickstart these changes and achieve more positive outcomes, in and outside the workplace.

What do Blue Bus do?

Blue Bus equips leaders, people, and teams with skills to adapt and thrive during times of pressure and uncertainty.

Their immersive playshops are tailored specifically to each organisation, bringing unique roadblocks to the surface that may have been limiting morale and productivity among employees.

Blue Bus’ experienced coaches encourage self-awareness, growth, and connection through constructive learning activities, which act as a pathway toward a more united organisational culture.

A day in the life of a Blue Bus playshop

Blue Bus training consists of interactive sessions known as playshops. These sessions aim to build social connections and create shared experiences and meaning within a team.

Ultimately, participants are taken on a journey that explains the difference between taking a ‘vicious’ or ‘virtuous’ approach to organisational challenges and the outcomes of each route.

By using real life examples of how past businesses have either embraced or rejected change, employees gain a greater understanding of the primary drivers behind success in the workplace – being the behaviours, values, and mindset of staff.

A culmination of these attributes is what makes or breaks the culture of an organisation, therefore determining how agile and resilient they will be in times of chaos and hardship.

You can be driving the best Rolls Royce bus, however if your employees don’t feel appreciated or included in the future vision and direction of the company, you’ll soon be driving a second-hand bomb.

Setting the foundations for future success

Managing Director, Alison McQueen said the collaboration with Blue Bus has allowed their organisation to reflect on their strengths and pinpoint areas for further improvement.

“Our organisation consists of many different roles, many of which involve working directly with clients in the local community,” she said.

“So, despite the independent nature of our carers’ day-to-day duties, Blue Bus Training has helped us to foster a shared language and understanding of our path towards achieving personal, professional, and business goals.

“Exceeding the quality expectations of our customers is of utmost importance, and we believe that fostering a team of highly engaged carers is the most effective way to achieve this.”

Want to learn more about our team culture or would like to work with us?

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