Newcastle and Hunter Community Health

Providing care packages to the Hunter community during COVID-19

Amidst the recent devastation that has come with COVID-19, we are bringing local businesses together to provide care packages to those in need within the Hunter community.

Each package is valued at $60-70 and includes a selection of basic essentials. Items such as toilet paper, cleaning products and canned goods are included.

Our Managing Director, Alison McQueen, says it is important the community comes together to offer support during these challenging times.

“Our team has seen the struggle of local individuals and families as a result of this pandemic. For us, being such a community focused business, we feel it’s our responsibility and to support where we can,” Alison said.

“We just mentioned this in passing to a handful of business owners and they all wanted to get involved as well. A lot of people feel like they want to help, but don’t know where to start or how to help the people who need it the most. This resulted in eight businesses contributing funds so we are buying far more care packs than we had originally anticipated.”

Collaborating with local businesses

Alison said that many of NHCH’s clients have had to turn to Government funding to meet their everyday needs.

“Many of our clients and others in similar situations have found that their informal support networks have broken down during the crisis and the current restrictions,” she said.

“Whereas friends and family might have helped around the home or purchased medicine and groceries on their behalf previously, the lock-down has really made that difficult. People like our elderly or those with a disability have been forced to become more reliant on government funded services.”

Our aim is to provide some of the essentials that can be difficult to get otherwise with the care packages.

“We’ve purchased the items for the care packs, ensured we’ve packed them using appropriate hygiene methods and are delivering them using all the current guidelines set out by the Department of Health,” Alison said.

Every pack is being recorded on a tracking sheet and monitored by staff to ensure each pack is being accounted for.

We will be having an accountant verify our records once  all deliveries are made. This will assure everyone that the packs are going directly to those who need them the most.

“Our number one priority and promise as a business has always been to look out for the community. We hope that by providing these care packages we are fulfilling that duty and can provide a little bit of happiness during this difficult time.”

Media Coverage

More than ever before it’s important to share positive news among the community. We thank the following publications and media outlets for sharing this story.

You can check out our latest media coverage below:

All remaining packs were distributed to people nominated by Awabakal, Hunter Primary Care and We Help Ourselves Newcastle.

In total, 45 packs were donated to members in the community.

Those who need a helping hand and would benefit from a care package as a result of COVID-19 can reach out to our team for more details.

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