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Take the stress out of Christmas with Hunter region nursing support

The holiday season is often a time of joy, but many feel overwhelmed by the stress that comes along with the holidays. This is why NHCH are here to provide all the nursing support you need.

In a Roy Morgan study it was reported that over 7.6 million Australians felt stressed over the festive season and as a result ended up feeling upset and exhausted.

Further research from the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal found that one in four Australian adults experienced anxiety, whilst two million experienced social isolation when thinking back to last Christmas.

At Newcastle and Hunter Community Health (NHCH) we understand that providing care for someone with special needs, a chronic health condition or an elderly person can be a huge responsibility to bear.

Especially when you are trying to juggle time with your family, organising holiday time and participating in other activities over Christmas.

That’s where the team at NHCH come in.

Christmas Message 2019

At Newcastle and Hunter Community Health we understand that the holiday season can be overwhelming.We are on hand to provide the support you need so you can focus on enjoying the festive season 👍Our team can provide tailored services for you or your loved ones so that everyone can enjoy the holidays whilst still maintaining a sense of independence.🔽 Read more by clicking the link below. 🔽 #Holidays #Support

Posted by Newcastle and Hunter Community Health on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Meeting your Christmas needs

At Newcastle and Hunter Community Health, we are here to make Christmas as stress-free as possible.

We can provide tailored services for our clients and their loved ones so that everyone can enjoy the holidays whilst still maintaining a sense of independence.

NHCH offer a variety of services to suit your needs and those of your loved ones.

This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Community nursing care for people with high care needs,
  • Personal care services (nutrition, hydration, meal preparation, dietary requirements, assisted feeding, etc.),
  • Transportation and other travel support,
  • Daytime activity support, such as helping get to medical appointments and assisting with shopping,
  • NDIS support,
  • Respite for carers, and
  • General household services, plus so much more.

Our promise to you this holiday season

As a proud local and privately-owned family business, we understand the value of being with family and having support over the holiday period.

Which is why we are proud to be providers of individually tailored care that is NDIS and Aged Care approved. Our team is made up of highly qualified Nurses and Assistants in Nursing, who are here to help with the individual needs of our clients and their carers.

We tailor our services to you and make sure your needs are the number one priority.

Our promise to you is in making sure the festive season is a good time for everyone. With a range of services available, and a team of highly trained staff for support, we can provide a tailored health care plan that meets the needs of you and your loved ones.

The NHCH team is second-to-none because we’re dedicated and passionate about what we do.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution because we want our customers and patients to feel confident in the service, we provide them.

Over time, we have found that through this approach we have been able to build a stronger connection with our clients.

Our person-centred approach makes room to build trust, which is the backbone of our service.

The trust we receive from our patients allows for a better client-carer bond and lets you to continue to focus on the all the enjoyable things about the Festive season.

To find out more, please contact our friendly team today to discuss your options over the holiday season.

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