Trevor’s Story – NHCH is more than just an NDIS provider

Trevor, one of our dear NDIS patients, enlisted the help of Newcastle and Hunter Community Health (NHCH) NDIS provider services in May 2019. We support him with day-to-day activities, but to also offer him independence as an adult.

Our team understand and value the importance of having freedom and independence. Trevor is empowered to further enjoy life with his physical disabilities. He has also gained new-found confidence in himself and in the opportunities available to him, with our daily assistance.

A helping hand

Trevor’s physical disabilities made some life tasks difficult for him, so we stepped in to help with his daily activities, self-care and mobility needs, as an NDIS provider.

Our NDIS home care service packages can be tailored to your needs. And that is the beauty of our service. We worked with Trevor to put together a ‘DIY’ support plan, which meant he could get the most out of our daily support.

Through his NDIS funding, Trevor receives daily support with shopping, cleaning, personal care and other household tasks.

When asked about a typical week with NHCH’s support, Trevor says he can’t do it without us.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for NHCH, as I need help to do all my daily tasks.”

A real highlight for our team is providing one-on-one support for Trevor and granting him the independence needed.

More than just a service

When you get the opportunity to work with a patient on an every-day basis, you start to see how important our services are. As well as how it impacts on the lives of others.

Our team work together to ensure that Trevor, as well as our other patients, receive individualised services and care that make them feel at ease and comfortable with our staff. Being able to provide for our patients in this way is an important aspect of our business.

We pride ourselves on being able to connect with our NDIS patients. And Trevor said that this was a special aspect of NHCH.

We asked Trevor what he enjoyed most about our service. He beamed about having good company and that “…I enjoy talking to someone in person.”

With the negativity surrounding recent news in Aged Care and other health care services, we hope this kind of treatment sets a good precedent for others to follow.

A NDIS provider that’s there for you

Trevor noted that other health care and NDIS providers were unable to deliver what he needed. And he was glad he could make the move to NHCH.

We are glad for this also, as we pride ourselves on being a NDIS provider that is there for you.

Changing health providers can be scary! So we were curious to know from Trevor whether he’d recommend others come to NHCH.

To that question, Trevor gave NHCH a glowing review:

“Yes, because it is a great service. It is a smaller service, so you get more of a personal service.”

A wonderful aspect to our business is being able to give patients tailored and consumer directed care. We are so glad that Trevor enjoys this about our service.

Looking to change NDIS health care providers or want to learn more about our home care services? Get in touch with our friendly team today. We would be happy to walk you through any of your questions or concerns.